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Sat, Feb 04


Upline Studio

Advanced Suspension Weekend Workshop

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Advanced Suspension Weekend Workshop
Advanced Suspension Weekend Workshop

Time & Location

Feb 04, 2023, 9:30 AM – Feb 05, 2023, 6:00 PM

Upline Studio, 1 Hartford Square Suite 215, New Britain, CT 06052, USA

About the Event

Corwin's Note: PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION TWICE! This workshop requires advanced preparation and understanding of what the weekend will entail. Please do not sign up without fully understanding what's up. You are encouraged to reach out with questions.

This event is masks optional. Due to the nature of the kind of suspensions we will engage in, this class will not require masks. All other requirements, including providing proof of vaccination including boosters is still in effect.

About the Workshop

Are you ready to take on your suspension to the next level? Have you mastered static suspensions and and want more of a challenge? Are you interested in dynamic transitions, inversions, torsions? If so, this workshop might be for you. During the weekend we will cover the following topics:

  • Using transitions to get into and out of an inversion
  • Using lateral lines and weights to add stress to a suspension
  • Creating torsions
  • Creative dismount ideas, including a simultaneous two upline dismount
  • A six axis barrel roll transition sequence

This workshop will challenge both riggers and bottoms alike to think creatively and work efficiently to create stunning transition sequences. While this style of tying is not going to be enjoyable by everyone, those who like it will find a lot here that they can use and incorporate into their own way of doing rope.


This workshop is not beginner-friendly. We will spend zero time teaching specific harnesses or how to manipulate uplines. In order to be able to participate in this class you will need to meet all of the requirements listed below:

**For Riggers**

  • You must be able to quickly and securely tie an arms out and an arms-in upper body harness capable of being suspended from the back, sides, and front without causing undue stress to the bottom. Arms out and arms in harnesses will be acceptable. Possible arms out upper body harnesses include Belt and Suspenders, Butterfly, or equivalent. Possible arms-in upper body harnesses include TKs, Lief's Hug, or similar.
  • You must be able to quickly and securely tie a thigh harness with a waist or hip support line (Dragonback or equivalent). This harness must be able to solely support full body weight.
  • You must be able to quickly and securely tie a suspendable futo. This harness must be able to solely support full body weight.
  • You must be proficient and comfortable at manipulating multiple uplines.
  • You must be familiar with and use Someverille bowline for all your harnesses and uplines.

**For Bottoms**

You must have extensive experience being suspended and have been suspended upside down. You should understand what engaging in a suspension means vs relaxing into one. You should have a good understanding of several breathing techniques and feel comfortable in how you communicate with your rigger about safety issues. You should know what nerve issues feel like for you and be able to swiftly alert your rigger to the issues.

Again, this is *advanced* suspension, so everyone participating must have experience suspending before participating. If the instructor(s) notice that someone is tying in a way that places someone in danger they will ask the tying pair to stop and sit out the exercise and/or the rest of the workshop.



  •  9:30am: doors open, donuts and coffee appear
  •  10am: class starts
  •  1pm: lunch appears
  •  6pm: class wraps up

On the first day we will cover most of the suspension techniques and everyone will have the opportunity to try them out with the instructor's supervision.


  •  9:30am: doors open, donuts and coffee appear
  •  10am: class starts
  •  1pm: lunch appears
  •  6pm: class wraps up

On the second day we will cover any techniques we did not get to on day one and then the rest of the time will be devoted to doing any of the sequences taught again to solidify their knowledge.


Please bring a full suspension kit (enough for all the harnesses mentioned above + 3-4 uplines) with which you are familiar. We will be tying on bamboo for this workshop but you are welcome to bring slings and carabiners if you'd like. Please bring your own safety shears and blankets/pillows for comfort. Yoga mats are also encouraged.

Cost and Signing Up

The cost of this workship is $250/tying pair. To sign up, please email Spots are limited to 6 tying pairs.

About the Presenter

Corwin is a rope top with a particular interest in dynamic suspension. He spent over half a decade refining his particular style of topping with rope which includes lots of transitions, unusual shapes, and a healthy dose of visual and sensory elements. His focus when tying is first and foremost on creating an experience for both the rigger and the person being tied, while always focusing on tying with a smoothness and efficiency that helps enhance the experience.


Q: I am a rigger that started suspending in the past year. Am I ready for this workshop?

A: Maybe. If you feel uneasy about the above prereqs, please contact Corwin via Discord, FetLife, or email at to talk about your specific experience and needs.

Q: I am a rope bottom that started getting suspended in the past year. Am I ready for this workshop?

A: Maybe. Same answer as above, please get in touch if not sure.

Q: My partner and I would like to switch who gets tied for this workshop. Will that be possible?

A: If you both are proficient with tying that should be possible. Specifically we are leaving time on Sunday to try any and all sequences again. However, we will not slow down Saturday to allow people to complete more than one suspension at a time.

Q: Can I bring two rope bottoms?

A: Yes, and if you can, you should. These sequences are hard on rope bottoms and being able to switch between who you tie will help you learn.

Q: Can I use a TK for this intensive?

A: Yes, provided you know it well and have successfully suspended with it before multiple times with the bottom you plan to use for the class. We will not cover how to tie a TK.

Q: What harnesses do you recommend for this intensive?

A: Belt & Suspenders arms out harness, Gorgone's Butterfly harness, a reinforced hishi/diamond pattern capable of being suspended from the side and front, an arms-front harness such as Lief's hug (with reinforcements at triceps), and a TK would all work. Dragonback is a great thigh harness. A single rope two band futo with reinforced stems will work well. Note that you will need at least one arms-in harness for this workshop

Q: Are there harnesses you would NOT recommend?

A: Yes. Diamond pattern futo doesn't have enough structure to be suspended from the inside and outside of the thigh. Gunslinger will be extremely painful. Shinju with or without shoulder straps will not work for the chest harness. Generally anything that your bottom would not want to hold most of their body weight in a variety of directions is a bad idea. Also stay away from any TK/box tie you learned from a video. Armbinders and single columns instead of full harnesses will not be acceptable.


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