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About Us

Our journey started in early 2020 when Connecticut's rope community grew large enough to require a suitable rope space, a retinue of classes led by high quality instructors, and a large number of accessible events centered on our shared passion for our craft. Upline is a privately owned studio operated by Upline Management, LLC and headed by Corwin who can be found on Instagram, Twitter, FetLife, or reached by email.

Upline would also like to recognize the following individuals who contributed to its creation:

  • TheTiltedTripod, for help with the logo and graphic design, as well as his incredible construction skills.

  • DrHeckleMrChide, for his support in the construction of rigs and other parts of the studio as well as his tireless dedication to keeping things simple.

  • Dulcinea_, for keeping Corwin sane and on task, while finding fantastic deals on studio equipment and helping with construction.

  • Serafina, for help with construction and cheerleading the project.

  • Hopesnfun, for help with construction.

  • AudzInWonderland, for help with construction.

  • Miss_Acacia, for help with construction and providing help with rope education in the CT community.

  • Seva_, for taking on interior design tasks, social media responsibilities, and listening to Corwin's plans for the space during his bursts of productivity.

Upline would not be possible without these wonderful people, and we thank them all!

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