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At Upline we understand the rope community's concerns with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and want to ensure that we provide a fun and creative environment in which our guests can also feels safe. In order to do so, we periodically revise the COVID policy with feedback from the community and based on the latest guidelines from the CDC, state, and local health authorities. We understand that no policy will fit every single person's vision of what a rope space should do, but we try to accommodate as many people as possible. The current policy is as follows:

  • By default, our events are masks-optional. In order to accommodate individuals who are looking to have masks-mandatory events, some of our events will require masks on at all times except when eating or drinking. These events will be clearly labeled.

  • Our capacity (guests, staff, and presenters included) will be capped at 24 people.

  • Upon entry you must present your CDC vaccination card, electronic vaccine passport, or state issued vaccination certificate that shows that you have received your original COVID-19 vaccinations as well as a booster along with your government issued ID to check for a name match on the card/certificate/passport. You will not be admitted into the event if you do not present these documents. There are two exceptions to this:

    • If you got your initial series of doses and are not yet eligible to get the booster, we will not require one.​

    • If your licensed medical provider can write you a note explaining that you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, we will not require a vaccination from you to attend our events.

Please not that we cannot at this point grant exceptions based on anything except the above two criteria.

The policy is revised several times a year. The latest revision of this policy happened in January 2023.

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